Kat Lucero

Reporter, The Hill Extra

Washington, D.C.

Kat Lucero

D.C.-based reporter


Web of union giving

Deep-pocketed corporate moguls have captured most of the headlines this year when it comes to creative campaign giving, but the working class is showing it can play the same game.
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Kennedy heir's bid for Congress attracts campaign contributing veterans

Joseph P. Kennedy III easily won a primary election in Massachussett's fourth district thanks in part to some Washington insiders and a high-profile family and their vast network of well-heeled ...
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Wolfgang Puck On The Source, Politics, Future DC Plans

Wolfgang Puck enjoys noisy restaurants. So when he hears or reads complaints about the boisterous chatter at his venues, he doesn't mind. "When people have fun, they are noisy.
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Lobbyists Dish on Where They Like to Woo Clients

When it comes to fine dining, Washington lobbyists know how to wine and dine. After all, taking care of clients and building relationships to sway policy are what these...
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Twoops! Romney-Ryan ticket has some lawmakers violating congressional Twitter rules

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate over the weekend, it set off a flurry of activity on some official congressional Twitter accounts. ...
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Could the United Nations squelch freedom on the Internet?

Activists expressed concern this week that several United Nations proposals to regulate the Internet would undermine freedom and give too much control over the World Wide Web. Proposals to centralize ...
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Trying to Carry Their Voices from Adams Morgan to Havana: DCist

One of the Monday vigils for Alan Gross in front of the Cuban Interests Section in Adams Morgan. Walk up 16th Street NW on a Monday and you’re likely to hear a growing chorus around the intersection at Euclid Street, just outside the Cuban Interests Section: The refrain is part of a weekly protest outside the imposing black gates of the diplomatic mission, where every Monday interfaith vigils call for the release of a Jewish-American government contractor from Maryland who has been sitting in a Cuban jail cell since Dec. 3, 2009.


Kat Lucero

Kat is a healthcare and tax reporter for The Hill Extra, the policy and regulatory arm for The Hill newspaper. She came from Tax Notes and the Current Newspapers, a group of community weekly publications covering Northwest Washington, D.C.

She also immersed herself in data journalism, following the money trail in policy and politics as a fellow for the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group. She also contributed to DCist, Eater DC, Washington Diplomat, Washingtonian, Elevation DC and the Washington Post Express.

Her past life included graduate school, market research, political campaigns and a college newsroom inside an eerily beautiful gothic building that was torn down to expand an "L" station. (Guess where she's from...)



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